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The 5 Minute Leader: Transformation Vs A Transformation Mindset

The difference between focusing on big transformations versus cultivating a transformation mindset can make or break your leadership impact, so how do you set off in the right direction?

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Do you feel bogged down with the exhaustion that comes from constantly undergoing transformations in your organization? As exhausting as it can be, it can also prove to be very unsustainable and prevent growth.

Today’s 5 minute leader is all about transformation vs having a transformation mindset. One of the things that leaders are sharing with e

In today’s 5 minute leader episode, I will reveal how you can seamlessly integrate a transformation mindset into your leadership repertoire, without resorting to overwhelming transformation projects. Leaders will gain tactics for making small, continuous improvements rather than waiting for major transformations.

You will walk away with an understanding of the importance of learning, challenging assumptions, and empowering innovation on a daily basis.

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