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CEO of Goodwill Industries: How Purpose Unites Your Team & Why Performance Will Follow

You will find that the more you invest in bringing together your team, the easier it will become to drive team success through a united purpose and passion.

Today’s 5 minute leadership hack is from Steve Preston, President & CEO of Goodwill Industries, a massive non-profit organization with over 140,000 employees across the United States. Steve’s success can be attributed to his ability to align his employee’s hearts and minds with a clear cause for organizational growth and togetherness.

Leader’s often overcomplicate their approach to inspire team engagement and drive performance. Today, Steve reveals his simple approach to effectively communicate your organization’s mission and purpose to your employees. He'll demonstrate how centering tasks around a collective purpose can ignite passion in your team and harmonize their actions towards a unified goal.

Subscribers can watch the video to learn more in this week’s leadership hack.

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