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President of Largest Insurance Company in Brazil On How To Prepare for Tomorrow With Future-Ready Leadership

Although you may understand the importance of having a strong vision for yourself and your team, the true power of leadership lies in having a plan of action to back it up...

Today’s 5 minute leadership hack is from Luciano Snel, president of Icatu Seguros, one of the largest insurance companies in Brazil. Snel's leadership success can be attributed to his vigilance in monitoring company changes, which enable him to anticipate challenges and opportunities effectively.

Leader’s often forget to not just react to changes but to strategically respond to them, ensuring their organizations remain ahead of the curve. Today, Luciano explains why leaders should follow his method, which is deeply rooted in harnessing a forward-thinking mindset and staying informed about the movements within one's business sphere. He reveals the power of embracing continuous learning and growth, preparing for future scenarios, and thinking and acting like a futurist!

Subscribers can watch the video to learn more in this week’s leadership hack.

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