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World's Leading Expert On Managing Your Emotions Teaches You How To Go From Negative To Positive Thinking

His book has more than 10,000 reviews on Amazon and for good reason! Thibaut Meurisse has been teaching people all over the world how to focus on positive thinking and emotions. Here's what to do...

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  • If you haven’t heard, I just announced that I would be giving 100 people 6 months of free access to Great Leadership on Substack which is usually $9.99/month. I recently added another 25 spots to that so there are still a few dozen available but they will go quickly! All you need to do is pre-order a copy of my new book, Leading With Vulnerability and send proof of purchase to You can read this post for more details.

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Today’s subscriber only 15 minute video is with Thibaut Meurisse, author of the best-selling book Master Your Emotions.

We all experience negative emotions, it’s a part of life. But sometimes these negative emotions can weigh on us so heavily that we can’t manage our relationships, our work, or our emotional health. What if there were techniques you could use to get out of negative states and into positive states? That would be life and career changing wouldn’t it!?

That’s what today’s bonus episode is all about. My regular podcast interview with Thibaut Meurisse went up a few days ago but today we’re going to take a deep dive into specific techniques you can use to change your emotions such as letting go, changing your interpretation, reexamining your environment, and a few others.

If you want to watch the video you can become a paid subscriber to Great Leadership here.

Have you heard the big news about my new book!?

Leaders are asked to be confident, competent, strong, and visionary. Yet on the other hand, employees also want their leaders to share their challenges, struggles, and mistakes. How can leaders reconcile both of these truths?

Vulnerability for leaders is not the same as it is for everyone else and my over 100 CEO interviews and survey of 14,000 employees proves it! So how can leaders approach vulnerability in the right way that allows them to unlock the potential of others, create trust, and lead through change? Pre-order your copy to find out and email me proof of HARDCOVER purchase to and I’ll send you 5 exclusive CEO interviews, and invite to a webinar I’m hosting about the book, and the first 3 chapters of the book before it gets released!

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