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The 5-Minute Leader: The Process Of Change Vs The Outcome

Leaders want to get to their end goal whether it be a new position or new partnership in their organization, but often forget how to embrace and grow from the journey to get there

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Welcome to today’s 5 minute leader, which is all about change and transformation. I once heard a quote that goes, “nobody likes the trip to Disneyland but everyone loves Disneyland once they get there.” This is very relevant to world of leadership and work in general.

Nobody likes to change or transform, yet once the transformation is completed, everyone loves what the outcome is. In other-words, how we think about and approach the journey versus how we feel when we reach the destination are oftentimes not aligned.

Whether it's adopting healthier habits or spearheading digital transformation in your company, you need to face the resistance to change and the elation of reaching the desired outcome.

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