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CEO of L.L.Bean, Steve Smith Reveals His ‘Backpack Analogy’ To Help YOU Make Those Important Life & Career Choices

Steve Smith, CEO of LL. Bean, steered the company to a record $1.8 billion dollar turnover- utilizing the 'Backpack Analogy', he steers with visualization and a continuous push on the path forward...

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Today’s exclusive piece of advice features Steve Smith, CEO of LL.Bean, a worldwide outdoor gear company with over 6,000 persons and a $1.59 billion dollar revenue. Learn how he implements the ‘Backpack Analogy’ into his leadership and work relationships, prioritizing the power of visualization and increasing continual personal growth! Jump in today and understand how to use this one simple visualization technique to better act on your life & career choices…

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You should NOT be vulnerable at work!

Yes, you read that right. Vulnerability is about exposing a gap and doing so can actually cause far more harm than good. Leading with vulnerability on the other hand, is exposing a gap and then demonstrating what you are doing to close the gap. I interviewed over 100 of the world’s top CEOs and surveyed 14,000 employees to figure out how to combine vulnerability with leadership so that you can create trust, unlock the potential of those around you, and drive business performance.
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