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Finding Your Leadership Path: Embracing Your Own Normal

CEO of Otis Elevator Judy Marks, on How To Embrace Your Unique Leadership Style

In today's episode of The 5 Minute Leader, I share how it's easy to compare ourselves and our leadership style to others we work with. As a leader, it's particularly challenging because you may come across other leaders and be tempted to imitate their style. The key is to find your own normal, as emphasized by Judy Marks, the president of Otis Elevator Company.

She advises leaders to seek balance, peace, and personal satisfaction in their work and relationships, rather than comparing themselves competitively to others. Recognize that everyone has a unique career path and life, so there's no single formula for leadership success. By finding your own normal and being comfortable with it, you can become a better person and a better leader.

While it's great to explore ideas from other leaders, it's crucial to be aware of your own emotions, their impact on others, and the organization. Test and experiment with different practices, policies, or strategic directions, but stay attuned to whether they align with your comfort level and become your new normal. The action item for leaders is to find their own normal, remain aware of their feelings and emotions, and embrace what works for them while drawing inspiration from others.

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