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Ex-CEO of The World's Largest Private Company On How To Navigate Decisions and Disagreements

Dave McLennan is the former CEO of Cargill, learn how he led his company to success

👋 Hey, I’m Jacob and welcome to a 🔒 subscriber-only edition 🔒 of Great Leadership. Each week I share exclusive interviews with CEOs and thinkers and leadership insights and strategies to accelerate your leadership development. My goal is to help you accelerate your leadership development, unlock the potential of those around you, and drive business performance. Join thousands of others by becoming a paid subscriber.

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The Leader’s Toolkit is a weekly guest deep dive around a specific topic to help make you a better leader. Today’s 15 minute video features Dave McLennan, former CEO of Cargill, which is the world’s largest privately held company.

In the video, Dave shares some great insights on handling disagreements within a team and the importance of making tough calls as a leader. He emphasized the need for fostering an environment where diverse opinions are encouraged. But at the same time, he acknowledged that there are situations where needs to make a discussion without complete consensus, or as he calls it, playing the ‘CEO card.’

Dave also spoke about the necessity of admitting when you're wrong, a lesson he learned from personal experience.

We discussed the challenge of balancing present success with future planning, and David's firm belief in putting people first, even if it means sacrificing short-term profits.

David's advice for aspiring leaders? Focus on possibilities, be authentic, and inspire others. I highly recommend you give the full discussion a listen. David's wisdom is invaluable for anyone in or aspiring to be in a leadership role. Tune in for some great insights and stories!

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