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The 5 Minute Leader: Taking Body Blows

Do you understand what it takes to get into a leadership role? There may be thousands of others at the same performance level as you, but what will set you apart and propel you above them?

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In today’s 5 minute leader, I am going to reveal an important topic that was brought up in my conversation with Randy Parker, CEO at Hyundai Motor America. Leaders assume that if they just work 40 hours a week and are high performers, that they inherently will get promoted and ultimately end up in that executive or senior executive role…BUT, the truth is that there 1000s of other people around you, who are working just as hard as you are, and who are also top performers just like you.

In order to step into a higher leadership role, you need to be able to make sacrifices and truly embody the effects of hard-earned work to break free of the role you feel stuck in…but how do you know where those sacrifices will come into play and begin approaching those head-on?

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