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CEO Shares How To Align Company Culture With Business Strategy To Create A Cohesive and Effective Organization Driven By Insatiable Curiosity!

Kevin Murphy has been with Ferguson for 25+years and has learned the in's and out's of each and every position before becoming's what pushed him to get there!
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Today we are taking an exclusive look at how Kevin Murphy, CEO at Ferguson, allows his daily leadership to be fueled by curiosity. Ferguson is the largest company you’ve never heard of with over 30,000 employees! They are a leading value-added distributor that offers expertise, solutions, and products in many areas including plumbing and heating, infrastructure, fabrication, and fire.

By recognizing company culture and its need to be parallel with business strategy, Kevin reveals his key strategies to creating a dynamic in your business model…

You Will Learn…

  1. The role leaders play in representing the company culture and leaving one’s ego at the door

  2. How to implement intentional decision-making in shaping your company culture

  3. Why you need to lead with insatiable curiosity & how to take the first step

  4. The importance of execution and having leadership characteristics to advance your career

  5. The steps you can take to create a cohesive parallel between business strategy and company culture

Don’t miss out on some key strategies to becoming a more curious, intentional leader!

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