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3 SIMPLE Research-Backed Strategies To Help You Practice Being Optimistic, Avoid Negativity & Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Don't let your negative thoughts affect your ability to lead effectively. By following these 3 daily practices, you will change the way you approach your leadership...

👋Welcome to a 🔐subscriber-only edition🔐 of Great Leadership. Each week I share strategies, insights, and research for how you can become a better leader, create a culture where employees want to show up, and build a future-ready organization.

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Today’s 5-minute leadership hack is all about optimism. This is something that I have been working on for several years (especially after having my panic attacks a few years ago!). It’s actually 3 leadership hacks rolled into one!

Incorporating these practices into your daily routine will leave you feeling more empowered and equipped to tackle the daily challenges that come your way. By starting each day cultivating optimism & leaving negativity behind, you can become a more optimistic leader.

Subscribers can watch the video to learn more in this week’s leadership hack.

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