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Leadership Lessons From Jack Welch, The World's Most Admired Or Most Hated CEO?

Love him or hate him, there's not doubt that Jack Welch is one of the world's most famous CEOs. But what we can learn from his approach to leadership in terms of what to do and also what NOT TO DO?

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Today’s Leader’s Toolkit episode is a continuation of my discussion with David Gelles, exploring Jack Welch’s approach to leadership. We’ll be looking at the leadership lessons we can learn from Jack Welch, alternative ways to lead a business besides the Jack Welch style of management, and how we can undo the damage that Jack Welch caused. You can upgrade here to watch the 18 min discussion. If you upgrade you will get one of these every single week along with leadership hacks and exclusive articles.

You'll learn actionable insights for your own leadership journey, particularly how to balance hard work with ethical considerations and long-term vision. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the nuances of leadership and the impact it can have on corporate culture and capitalism at large.

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