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Global Biotech CEO Shares His Unique Leadership Framework That Has Been KEY To His Success

What makes a successful leader? Everyone has their own opinion but the most successful CEOs develop their own frameworks and then follow them to achieve their goals. Here's one such framework.

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David Meek has been CEO at Novartis, Ipsen, FerGene, and most recently, Mirati. All of these are massive organizations worth billions of dollars. I actually had the opportunity to sit down with David when I spoke for leadership team at Ipsen a few years ago.

He shared a very unique framework he uses called The 3 R’s of Leadership. This unique model revolves around three interconnected elements that, when balanced, lead to not only sustainable business results but also a strong, ethical team culture.

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Leaders are asked to be confident, competent, strong, and visionary. Yet on the other hand, employees also want their leaders to share their challenges, struggles, and mistakes. How can leaders reconcile both of these truths?

Vulnerability for leaders is not the same as it is for everyone else and my over 100 CEO interviews and survey of 14,000 employees proves it! So how can leaders approach vulnerability in the right way that allows them to unlock the potential of others, create trust, and lead through change? Pre-order your copy to find out and email me proof of HARDCOVER purchase to and I’ll send you 5 exclusive CEO interviews, and invite to a webinar I’m hosting about the book, and the first 3 chapters of the book before it gets released!

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