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Unveiling the Power of One: Discovering Your Core Value for Impactful Leadership

Navigating Complexity, Inspiring Others, and Making a Lasting Impact Through the Singular Focus of Your Core Value

👋 Hey, I’m Jacob and welcome to a 🔒 subscriber-only edition 🔒 of Great Leadership. Each week I share exclusive interviews with CEOs and thinkers and leadership insights and strategies to accelerate your leadership development. My goal is to help you accelerate your leadership development, unlock the potential of those around you, and drive business performance.

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The Leader’s Toolkit is a weekly guest deep dive around a specific topic to help make you a better leader. Today’s 15 minute video is with Bruce Avolio, Professor of Management at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, former director of the Gallup Research Institute, and one of the world’s top leadership experts.

This is a video that all leaders should watch. During our chat, Bruce shared his extensive knowledge on leadership, drawing from the work of political scientist Jim Burns and his own research.

Bruce shared practical tips and advice for leaders who are navigating today’s changing leadership landscape. We discussed the importance of simplifying messages and identifying that one core value or message that truly resonates. We also explored the power of kindness in leadership, using a real-life example from the CEO of Alaska Airlines. Trust me, you'll want to hear this story!

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We covered so much more, including the need for evidence-based leadership development and the concept of a leadership service academy. The insights Bruce shared throughout our conversation are invaluable for leaders looking to thrive in today's changing world.

So, if you're a leader or aspiring to become one, I highly recommend watching the full video. Bruce's expertise and practical advice will give you the tools and inspiration you need to become a more effective and impactful leader.

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