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4 Research-Backed Strategies To Be Mentally Strong & Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

The world's #1 mental toughness expert shares strategies that the world's top leaders are using to be mentally strong. This is crucial for all leaders and helps improve decision making.

👋 Welcome to a 🔒 subscriber-only edition 🔒 of Great Leadership. Each week I share strategies, insights, and research for how you can become a better leader, create a culture where employees want to show up, and build a future-ready organization.

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Earlier this week I interviewed Amy Morin on my podcast which you can listen to here.

In today's exclusive episode, best-selling author Amy Morin defines the importance of mental strength, detailing its crucial role in vulnerability in the workplace. Avoid feeling hopeless & learn how to take productive action to fix things. Drawing from her global best-seller, "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do," Amy reveals how to master mental toughness and create for a more authentic leadership….

You will learn:

  • How to Cultivate Mental Strength: Embrace the triad of thought, emotion, and action for holistic personal growth.

  • How to Avoid Common Pitfalls: Learn from the "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do" to sidestep detrimental habits.

  • How to Lead Authentically: Align your words with actions, ensuring genuine and impactful leadership.

  • How to Implement Amy's Insights: Apply the 4 pivotal steps from her teachings to elevate your leadership practices.

Just 5 minutes of daily practice can ground you- enhancing your path to achieving your leadership goals...

If you haven’t heard yet, my new book, Leading With Vulnerability is now out! Is vulnerability for leaders the same as it is for everyone else? It turns out it’s not! Learn how the world’s top leaders approach vulnerability in the right way to lead through change, unlock the potential of others, create trust, and drive business performance.

Check it out & let me know what you think on Amazon, today!

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