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6 Practical Steps To Become A Better Communicator & The F-Word of Spontaneous Speaking

Matt Abrahams, best-selling author and Stanford lecturer for nearly two decades, dispels the myths surrounding high-pressure speaking fears. Learn how to conquer anxiety and get your message across.
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Earlier this week I released a podcast episode with Matt Abrahams, author and Stanford lecturer of nearly 2 decades.

In today’s episode of The Leader’s Toolkit, we delve into the art of spontaneous communication. Matt Abrahams highlights the challenges many face, from anxiety to the desire to excel, emphasizing the significance of understanding one's audience and the role of preparation. Uncover what the F-word of spontaneous speaking is and how it will make you a better leader.

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Matt reveals 6 ESSENTIAL STEPS for better spontaneous speaking- designed to help individuals communicate more effectively in unplanned scenarios. For those eager to improve their spontaneous speaking skills and understand the nuances behind effective communication, this episode promises valuable insights and actionable tips.

In this leader’s toolkit, you’ll learn:

  • How To Understand Challenges: Recognizing common obstacles like anxiety and the need to impress.

  • How To Adopt an Audience-Centric Approach: Emphasizing the significance of connecting with your listeners.

  • How To Prepare Effectively: Understand that being ready, even for unplanned moments, can be a game-changer.

  • How To Grasp Tech's Impact on Communication: Learn how modern tools both assist and reshape our speaking dynamics.

    Listen today as Matt provides us with a roadmap to master spontaneous speaking!

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